About the Authors

Nancy Brown, Channing Enders, Ellen Greene, Carolyn Kingson, Gail Mitchell

Nancy Brown, Channing Enders, Ellen Greene, Carolyn Kingson, Gail Mitchell

Nancy Brown has lived in the New Haven, Connecticut,
area for her entire adult life. Since 2000 she and her
husband, Skip, have spent winters in San Pancho, though
she makes occasional visits to the United States for a
grandchild fix. Between them, she and Skip have four
children and five grandchildren. Nancy worked in community
relations for addiction treatment centers before
retiring. Now she enjoys ESL tutoring and pursuing a longstanding
goal—fluency in Spanish.

Channing Enders worked for more than twenty-five years
as a writer and editor for Seattle-area newspapers,
nonprofits, and corporate magazines. She taught creative
writing at a technical college and for several years was
reporter at-large for a national travel magazine. Born in San
Francisco, California, and raised in Seattle, she and her
husband divide their time between homes in San Pancho
and the Pacific Northwest. Family includes five children,
three grandchildren, and one cat. The latter rules the roost,
both homes.

Ellen Greene has worked as a teacher-trainer for a US
multinational biotech corporation based in Boston, a major
Chinese state university in Shanghai, and a Mexican federal
high school near Puerto Vallarta. Her first book, a memoir
entitled Remember the Sweet Things, was published by
HarperCollins in 2009. Mother of Jennifer and Michael,
grandmother of Lily and Anna, Ellen has lived in Mexico
since 1997. Her websites are ellengreene.org and

Carolyn Kingson was born and raised in New Orleans and
spent the greater part of her adult life in New Mexico. Her
careers have included physiological psychologist, custom
jeweler, painter, and writer. She and her husband have been
in San Pancho since 1995, at first stealing a week here and
there from busy work lives, then for six months each year,
and finally, since 2005, year-round. Carolyn’s books are The
Lives of La Escondida, An Embarrassment of Riches, and Wander
Year. Her website is carolynkingson.com.

Gail Mitchell is from Chicago, where she lived until 2011.
Her interest in writing began early, nurtured by hours of
reading fiction in quiet corners of the public library. She
still loves to read, and libraries continue to enrich her life.
Gail pursued a career first as a teacher and later in
nonprofit organizations that provide health care and cancer
support. She and her husband, Bill, have three sons and one
granddaughter. They split their time between Burbank,
California, and San Pancho. Gail is happy to have found
friends who love to write and who believe it is never too
late to share your stories.

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