Invitation to Contribute to the Blog

Since the publication of our book, Viva San Pancho! Views from a Mexican Village, a number of people in San Pancho have expressed interest in writing about this lovable place. In response, we propose to open the process of writing for our blog to the community at-large. The blog would be the perfect place to publish new pieces about life in our village.

Here are the submission guidelines:

  1. Anyone who is interested can contribute a piece for publication on the blog. Children and young people are invited to take part. Parents or teachers might even want to help them write.
  2. Blog pieces should be no more than 1,000 words.
  3. Like the book, pieces should be positive in tone—that’s what readers want. As we suggested in Viva San Pancho!, “Don’t grumble or whine about what’s different.” Keep in mind that if you are not from Mexico, you are a guest here.
  4. Subjects can be whatever might appeal to a general audience–food, cultural differences, music, the natural world, history, whatever strikes your fancy.
  5. Photos that relate to your blog post are encouraged.

We suggest this process: Send your draft to Nancy Brown (, who will forward it to the other four writers. We will make editorial suggestions, apply a uniform style for punctuation and grammar, and return our comments to you. You make whatever changes you wish, and return your final version to Nancy for posting on Since this is a first-time effort, we don’t know how many pieces to expect; we will use our discretion about scheduling posts for publication.

We hope you will join us in contributing to the blog.

Nancy Brown, Channing Enders, Ellen Greene, Carolyn Kingson, Gail Mitchell

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